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History of SLO Pokes

Ralph Goff was performing solo at Cad's Coffee House in Los Osos and asked Craig to sit in a few times. Craig asked Ralph if it would be ok to ask Tony to sit in and that was good. Tony asked Sally to stop by one night and bring her bass and she sat in. SLO Pokes was born but we didn't have a name yet and kept trying out different ideas for a name and one night at a gig in Santa Margarita, one of our fans (Craig Updegrove) wrote SLO Pokes on the back of a five dollar bill and put it in the tip jar and we found our name. SLO Pokes recorded 10 songs 6 songs for a live CD at Painted Sky Studios in Cambria which has sold over 10 million copies to date (yeah right). The videos on YouTube were made during that recording date. SLO Pokes became a trio when Ralph went off rambling during the summer in his RV but as soon as he returned to Los Osos in November we resumed the quartet until last fall when Ralph decided he needed a rest from the riggers of the gigging lifestyle. The lineup of Craig, Sally and Tony played quite a few dates until Sally decided to move to Lo de Marcos, Mexico. In the fall of 2012, we played at the Cambria Harvest Festival with Sally for the last time. SLO Pokes has played some private parties in 2013 but do not have any scheduled gigs in the near future.

Elita and Tony played in a band for awhile before Tony joined SLO Pokes and Tony invited Elita to come over and jam and we all enjoyed each other's personalities and musical styles and so that's how the trio came to it's present lineup. We pride ourselves on tight 3 part harmony, entertaining stage presence and of course great pickin'. If you are interested in having SLO Pokes play for your party, please email us.

New Video from the Brown Bag Concert, October 4, 2013

Below you can see YouTube videos of several songs from our Painted Sky Studios (Cambria) recording session.  Note: This was a recording session, not a performance.  Rest assured we are much more animated at a gig. :)
- Video #1
- Video #2
- Video #3
- Video #4
- Video #5

Also, you can listen to a 4-1/2 minute medley of parts of 4 songs from that recording session here.

A CD of the above recording session is now available.  Click here for info.

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